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GameMentor Is Live!

Esports is a fast-developing, ever-evolving industry that keeps on blooming anew every day. Along with it new opportunities are constantly discovered and created by those who are committed to the growth of it; a generation of dreamers raised in gaming who have become the trailblazers of a new era in competitiveness.

Why Coaching?

It happens to many of us, on many different skill levels – we get stuck. We try to focus, we feel like we're doing everything we can, but we still lose and struggle to figure out why. We're frustrated and tired, stuck in our skill bracket and can't seem to be able to climb the ladder anymore.

If any of this sounds familiar, getting a coach might be exactly what you need. You will get new perspectives, learn how to develop your mechanical skills and gamesense further and finally have the tools to improve your gameplay and enjoy the game on a whole new level.

Ville "sbv" Suihko, CEO

Every great idea has a great birthplace. In GameMentor’s case, it was the mind of our Founder & CEO – Ville “sbv” Suihko.