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GameMentor is Now Live!

Esports is a fast-developing, ever-evolving industry that keeps on blooming anew every day. Along with it new opportunities are constantly discovered and created by those who are committed to the growth of it; a generation of dreamers raised in gaming who have become the trailblazers of a new era in competitiveness.

Ville "sbv" Suihko, CEO

Every great idea has a great birthplace. In GameMentor’s case, it was the mind of our Founder & CEO – Ville “sbv” Suihko.

Furkan “Semiazas” Mezarcı, VP

Sometimes you ‘need’ a writer, to put down the greatest ideas you have devised in the way they should be. When the founder and CEO of GameMentor, Ville Suihko was in such a need, his friend Furkan “Semiazas” Mezarcı was there.