Furkan “Semiazas” Mezarcı, VP

Furkan “Semiazas” Mezarcı, VP

Sometimes you ‘need’ a writer, to put down the greatest ideas you have devised in the way they should be. When the founder and CEO of GameMentor, Ville Suihko was in such a need, his friend Furkan “Semiazas” Mezarcı was there.

A writer who also happens to be a competitive gamer, Furkan Mezarcı was born 26 years ago in Istanbul, Turkey to a family of educators. He was brought up in an atmosphere where essentiality of patience and creativity throughout the process of teaching was taught to be the most valuable asset. Ever since he was a child, he was fascinated by the potential of video games to become the story of a new generation who cherished esports as a new path for them to walk on in a number of ways.

He graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in English Literature along with experience in teaching various subjects, which helped him gain a deeper understanding of the importance of mentoring. Since the concept of esports was yet to develop in Turkey, he took part in organization of local Counter-Strike and Dota tournaments while also competing for himself. As he followed the evolution of competitive gaming in the rest of the world – even though he was invested in writing fiction and playing RPGs – he felt the need to be a bigger part of it all and help those who wished for the same.

In 2016, his long time friend Ville Suihko whom he had met years ago in an MMORPG came to him with a detailedly-devised project that could achieve this purpose, which led to the creation of GameMentor among the two of them. Now, he is committed to assist his fellow gamers reach new heights in what is to become the new face of sports.

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Monday, July 31, 2017 - 09:35