GameMentor Is Live!

GameMentor Is Live!

Esports is a fast-developing, ever-evolving industry that keeps on blooming anew every day. Along with it new opportunities are constantly discovered and created by those who are committed to the growth of it; a generation of dreamers raised in gaming who have become the trailblazers of a new era in competitiveness.

GameMentor is the product of such dedication, made to help gamers realize that dreams are not just simply dreams – they can become our lives. Interest in esports can take many forms; be it in competing for a career, coaching, organizing, casting, spectating or just playing for the fun of it. Even though these paths stem from many variables, there is one common fact about them: that it is a lot more fun to be better, to be more adept and more knowledgeable about them.

As a provider of esports coaching services, GameMentor is here to do exactly that. By bringing together Mentors of all career paths from world-renown professionals to experienced and talented casuals, we endeavor to give everyday players a chance to improve themselves in any aspect of competitive gaming as they like while taking advantage of 1-on-1 private lessons, meet their heroes and gradually become their own. Our easy-to-use services and carefully planned teaching session protocols ensure that they always stay on point without having to compromise from their personal time and without having to spend unnecessary effort which can be channelled into success and productivity. On top of this, our platform helps players of all sorts get their names out there and become further engaged in boosting their careers.

Since we are in the business of assistance and consider genuine transparency the head principle of our work, we are always awake and ready to answer the questions and meet the demands of gamers to the best of our abilities – for as far as we are concerned, gamers are shaping the future and thus, the way we operate. So, go on ahead and join us; whether a potential mentor or a student as today marks the beginning of our journey into whatever we decide our lives to mean, together.

For any inquiries you may have regarding our newly-launched services, please feel free to browse our FAQ section or get in touch with us at

Happy mentoring and learning!


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Monday, February 5, 2018 - 17:11