Ville "sbv" Suihko, CEO

Ville "sbv" Suihko, CEO

Every great idea has a great birthplace. In GameMentor’s case, it was the mind of our Founder & CEO – Ville “sbv” Suihko.

A 24 year-old Finnish citizen currently residing in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, Mr. Suihko is the child of parents who believe that dedication and hardwork are the keys to success in all aspects of life. Raised by the principle of letting free thoughts reign one’s life, he has been deeply interested in coaching and competition ever since he was little. Since he is a member of a generation defined by the huge leap of video games, it gradually became his passion due to the fact that it was a field where imagination could run wild and also had the potential to allow for some life-defining competition.

As a musical academy graduate, Ville has been taking private lessons in a variety of musical instruments for over 15 years – which has led to his realization of the fact that the role of a coach is unignorable. Fueled by this principle, he also shared his own knowledge in both gaming and music with 1-on-1 lessons. He first joined the esports scene in 2014/15 as a tournament organizer and administrator, while also having participated in the organization of ESWC ShootMania World Cup in 2015. He believes that without a mentor, he would never have enjoyed his hobbies and passions as much as he did – let alone turning one of those passions into an idea that one day would become GameMentor. Even with his background and early life investment into music, he has found the purpose and satisfaction of a lifetime in esports.

An avid MOBA player – Ville Suihko founded GameMentor in 2016 after a long time of project building and gathering of resources, for the sole purpose of assisting gamers like himself achieve their dreams on a platform where the limit lays only where you set it.

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Monday, July 31, 2017 - 09:35